This is the next profile I have created. I have decided that I will do animal species in a random order. However, if you have a species you would like to learn about in more detail, drop me a line down in the comments box and I’ll see what I can do.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. The aardwolf is an interesting creature. Extremely territorial. And it’s very interesting that their diet consists solely of termites, yet they do not dig. Instead, they lick them up off the ground. When reading this, I thought they cannot find so much food if they do not dig. Yet again, I was wrong. They eat roughly 300,000 termites in one night. That’s more than the aardvark (the animal that digs for ants and insects) eats in one night! And to me, that’s incredible.


Thank you for reading!

UPDATE!: So, as with the aardvark profile, I have added the rest of the information to it, with a better picture. Hope you enjoy!



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